Everything You Need To Make The Strategy A Success

Getting the job done

Strategy is about the key activities you need to reach your goals. Stract helps you to get an overview, plan, prioritize and close the gap betwen the vision and actions. There is a lot of focus on the daily management of sales and service - and ressources are limited. However, for a company to grow you also need to handle the business development activities. Use Stract to energize this process.

Strategy Tools

You can start doing an analysis of the enterprise, mapping opportunities and risks - and design the combat plan from there. Or you may start in the middle of ongoing activities and step by step do more planning and adjustment of the business direction.

Monitor the Moves

Follow the teams plans and actions being completed. Stract Moves shows the movements in all strategies and plans instantly. You may also see your own or other team members plans and actions with status as open or completed. Comments can be made in Notes and you can see summaries of the activity status.

All Information in one Place

Developing your business is easier when your tools play nice together and information is easy to find. All your team members will have one place to put info related to strategies, actions and issues. Updates can be made easily and documents can be added to plans and shared.

Start working asymchrome with Stract. Work and reporting could be done remote without the need of everybody to find time to meet.


Stract will help you with notifications of upcomming actions and follow up lists. The reporting process could be assisted with automated reporting views and updates. Key Performance Indicators may be added to strategies and results would be added and presented automatically in the dashboard.


We use leading hosting services using 128-bit SSL encryption and firewalls. Hosting sites are staffed 24/7/365 with onsite security to protect against unauthorized entry. Your data is secured with the same standards as the banks are using. No-one has access to your account unless you invite them. And unlike desktop applications, if your computer is lost or stolen your data is still safe and secured. Your data is backed up and moved to secure locations automatically. You may at any time download a full copy of your strategies, plans and actions for your own backup or for import to another system.